that statement shit

“Hereby, with the permission of my humbl self, I artistically announce that My Artist’s Statement ..doesn’t really excist.”

It doesn’t excist in terms it’s most of the time understood: an unique, verbalised view of making one’s art and expressing oneself, which is elegantly put in couple of flamboyant, abstractish phrases, and that’s the truth and nothing but the truth until forever.  Something like: ‘When distant planets are whispering in my thorax, it is my art coming through that cosmic, steamy rainbow mist of angels sweating and suffering for the collapsing world. That’s what I bring infront you, humans.’  

However, I do have ideas of making art, what and why I am doing it. 

It’s in constant evolution, it’s developing - exhibition after exhibition, year by year, taking new turns time to time - and I hope I’ll never come to that point, where i have to nail my thesis on my studio’s door and throw away the hammer.  That would mean throwing away the key, also.

…But yes, this is what I think: I consider my paintings as short stories, sort of anecdotes inspired by history, cinema, litterature, music, human nature. Those little stories pass through my studio, and they leave some traces or memories on the canvas. 

Vague enough? Anyway, I guess this will cover the most of my work for some time.  

…Hahaa, ’the most’ is the key here - because nothing is as permenent in my art (or life) as the changes, movement. I like it like that. One might think I have some issues with commitment and authorities. One got it. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the ride and just follow the running paint, stay with me in this unidentified and inpredictable artistic evolution! 

Have a nice whatever! 


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