mermaid love boy crazy

Which was first, the title or the painting? 

How important the title of an artwork is, anyway? 

For a collector, maybe, I don’t know, but the more I paint, the more I think it’s not important at all. 

Okay, of course giving a title makes the listing artworks a whole lot easier for example here on my site. Without any titles I  should number them, categorize them by themes, sizes or colors, or something like that, and that just wouldn’t work. I’m not organized enough.  

When I’m working on something figurative some strange lines keep coming up in my mind; it can be something that the person in the portait might say, or something that just happened in their life.  Like this flirty girl here, who just cannot help it -

And then there is the abstract work. Honestly, when starting to work, I have no idea what it’s gonna be, how it will turn up. I just want to start a riot whit a color, to destroy the perfect white canvas. And then there are so many different phases, like chapters of a story on the way, and it becomes sometimes very difficult to choose a title for it, to sum up the work of one week or one month, and squeeze it in a two-word line. 

And then again, some paintings represent so obviously something in my mind, that they are actually born easily with a title, like laying an egg. *Plop*

Like this one, The Waters -  Les Eaux

When painting this, we had a really hot summer here in Orléans. For more than a month we got no rain at all, and La Loire, our local big river was drying out. You could actually see  the sand coming up, and slowly but surely the last little springs of water disappearing in the hot sun. It isn’t so abstract finally, is it. 


Oh, and this 

Mermaid Love Boy Crazy  -?  

It is by far the best, fucked-up-english -text on a  t-shirt I’ve seen here in Orléans. Saw a teenage girl wearing it about 3 years ago at a tram station, and just can’t get it out of my head. There’s something surreal, in kind of japanese way in that line. Should probably use it one day as a title of a painting. 

Actually I’m envious, I just want that f*cking t-shirt.

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