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About Me

I'm a Finnish born (1970 in Oulu, Northern Finland) contemporary fine art painter in France, finding  my inspiration in our history, literature, mythology, poetry, theater,  and music - in humanity - in all it's good and bad.

 For me the painting is an endless research of expression and parallel stories hidden in us - complex mirrors of ourselves - often with a touch of sweet, dark decadence.

My work can be found in private collections worldwide. 

My Work

I’ve made my art oriented high school studies, and professional studies in classic and modern art in Oulu and Helsinki, in Finland. 

I've been doing exhibitions in Europe since 1998 - link to updated list here.

I paint with high quality acrylic paint on canvases, and I use also charcoal, pastels and spray paint. Mostly I work with my hands and sponges, with a spray bottle of water, and not so much with brushes. 

I don't use models or any photographic material.

I would be excited to paint an art work directly on a wall - private or public space - please, don't hesitate to contact me, if you have a interesting project in mind!


I'm living and working in France, Orléans,  

I do exhibition projects in all Orléans area with several associations, and all around Europe in galleries. I sell my art directly from my work shop, and online worldwide.

*Please, feel free to contact me for a project - or - for example for a work shop visit (in English & en Français ) -  for small groups or individuals. 


Are you thinking to purchase one of my pieces? 

Would you like to see more and close up and detailed photos / larger files of your chosen one? 

Please, don't hesitate to contact me and ask for extra photos,  as well as suitable payment methods, planning shipping and other details, Also, please notice, that all my prices include VAT & safe packing and shipping in Europe by the well known transport companies, like FedEx and UPS. For the transport outside of Europe, please contact for your transport plan and estimated price.

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